VirtualRealPorn Review

Lesbian-Voyeur-27There’s a reason that VirtualRealPorn is the go-to site for upgradable and diverse virtual experiences. In the end it comes down to three things in particular: ease of download and quality, a variety of different videos to suit every taste, and accessibility to a huge variety on demand. VirtualRealPorn is also quite interactive on another level – they have a constantly updated blog which is full of juicy details about new additions, upgrades, and videos that will start you off hard and leave you wanting more. With VR porn you have tons of categories to choose from. VirtualRealPorn tries to satisfy every customer.

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In order to make the whole process as streamlined as possible they’ve also developed their own VirtualRealPlayer which can be downloaded for free and used with supporting devices. The software is smooth and doesn’t suffer from lags (although be aware that the quality of your internet connection will affect the running of the app), and it was also nice to see that it runs with most Nvidia and AMD drivers. I could see this being annoying if the VirtualRealPlayer needed constant updates, but so far there doesn’t seem to be any sort of issue with this.

Harmonizing To A Good Fuck

my_roommate_thumb_2The most recent update was a double feature, starring the incomparable Harmony. This girl has curves in all the right place, and it just makes her even more of a woman. You’ll barely be able to keep it in your pants when she appears on screen – she doesn’t have any money, so her only option is to striptease for you. If you’re a fan of big boobs and tattoos, this set called “The Rehearsal” can’t be missed. Watch as she undresses slowly and begins to take you in her mouth. With glistening lips and a hungry stare she starts off slow, sucking with a luscious and tempered mouth you can’t wait to have around your cock. Things quickly get spicier as she starts to rub your cock between her massive breasts. Her tattoos are just as gorgeous, and the musical notes up her arm seem to be matching a tune that’s right in sync with both your passions.

This set in particular has garnered a lot of attention, and it has everything to do with the model. At first innocent and unassuming, the lovely Harmony quickly loses her inhibitions and seeing the transformation from demure to ravishing sex-goddess is extremely gratifying. As you make her moan and grind atop your cock you won’t believe how hard she cums. With an orgasm that rocks her body, from the top of her head straight to the tunnel of her pussy she’ll be gushing all over you. This girl definitely gets an A+ for her first striptease.

Sienna Isn’t Just a Color in Virtual Real Porn

between_the_sheets_thumb_1Another favorite on this site, and rightfully so, is a high-quality clip starring British porn star Sienna Day. This VR experience falls into the ‘bystander’ style eventually with Sienna getting herself off on her boyfriend Miguel Zayas, but is just as tasty as the rest of the content you’l lfind on VirtualRealPorn’s massive library list. Sit back and relax while the nubile Sienna rides you cow-girl style – with absolutely perfect tits and a body that’s slim and muscular, it’s hard to ask for much more. The scene ends with a heavy orgasm by Sienna and a creampie.

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It’s nice to see that VirtualRealPorn has been adding to their diverse array of different categories, and an exotic Brit with a shaved pussy and a stunning chest, not to mention some fluid and graceful grinding, has deservedly put the video into the top picks. At just over twenty three minutes it’s also slightly longer than some other videos available at the same cost, and gives an added sense of atmosphere to the whole experience, taking its time to lull the viewer in without ever getting bored – the timing is impeccable.

There were some issues using VirtualRealPorn’s player in conjunction with this video and a few others, but the support team according to their blog has been looking into the issues and at the time of writing this article most technical errors should be fixed by now. That said, for a fully comprehensive set “Relaxing Afternoon” is top notch in terms of video quality and sound, and there is minimal to almost none in terms of cam shaking.

Indulge The Senses in Virtual Reality

after_party_thumb_4VirtualRealPorn caters to all the most current virtual reality systems to date, including the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. They also feature a full integrated 180 degree stereoscopic 3D experience – this means they’ve managed to accommodate the entire scope of the normal human eye and each video has been rendered so that it feels as if you’re really there. Add this to the new head tracking technology and it’s quite an impressive set up.

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The VR will track your head with the video so you can split your attention, especially in some of the sets that feature more than one girl when you’re going to want to revel in one lover masturbating while the other takes you in her mouth and sucks you to the point of blasting her mouth with hot jizz.

The Onyx for Virtual Reality Sex

a_good_reason_thumb_3While VirtualRealPorn is on par with most other VR sites offering similar media, they are unique in one more regard. Having paired with their partner Kiiroo, VirtualRealPorn and a number of their videos are equipped to sync up with Kiiroo’s latest in high-tech male masturbation technology.

The Onyx is a tactile pornography device equipped with a soothing and sensual flesh-light sheathe, and it has three different modes and a Capacitive Touch Recognition system that links up to the selected video set.I have to admit that this is definitely what helps VirtualRealPorn stand out from its competitors. Their ability to cater not only to a wide array of audiences and different fetishes, but also to a preference of technological immersion, is definitely a hallmark of their marketing. That said, not everyone may be quite as invested in the sort of deep-experiences being offered, or the price tag attached to the Kiiroo’s Onyx.

One nice thing about VirtualRealPorn however is their pricing system which is relatively low given the amount of content available. Unlike some other websites that require a payment for each download, VirtualRealPorn offers exclusive membership and often have special offers. In keeping with their infatuation with the technological side of things, they also help to make it easy to make payments secure and private by incorporating Bitcoin payments.

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