VirtualRealGay Review

tough-guys-thumb3The progress of virtual reality as a medium for indulging in fantasy has never been more evident or widely available than in the last few years, especially with the inception of high-tech systems like the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. But of course, most of the new or established internet sites offering corresponding pornographic material can tend to be a bit homogenous – even the biggest outlets for up-and-coming VR videos like cater primarily, if not exclusively, to straight men.

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That’s why it was nice to discover VirtualRealGay, one of the top suppliers of virtual reality videos that cater exclusively to the gay demographic. As a result, they’ve got a huge library chock full of absolutely gorgeous boys in a variety of different videos. The first one I came across happened to be one featuring the gorgeous Andreas Suarez. This lovely hunk put on one hell of a show as I sat back and watched – in his fishnet stockings he began to rub himself into a frenzy, until at last pulling out toys like this purple dildo of his own. As far as masturbation scenes go, it definitely got me hard. tough-guys-thumb2My attention was held for the entire length of the video, and it was impossible to take my eyes away from the tattooed lovely, even when he finally came for me. I had the great luck of being able to power a Samsung Gear VR for the experience, and it gave me a great demonstration of how far virtual reality technology has come in the last few years. As with all of their videos, VirtualRealGay has adapted their media to work with all three VR systems – what I hadn’t counted on was how much different the experience is with an actual headset, since most of my previews have been with a Smartphone.

The head tracking with the Samsung on all of the VirtualRealGay videos I sampled was absolutely flawless, and all three dimensions of movement translated perfectly.

Taking It Further… Up The Ass

I have no complaints at all about masturbation scenes and being able to take the bystander role and watch it unfold. tough-blowjob-thumb3But VirtualRealGay had a lot of other more immersive scenarios as well, that can satisfy just about every gay fantasy and fetish. My eye was immediately drawn to a pool-side scene with Mario Domenech and Antonio Wild. These two guys practically define hot, and it was a bit more of a role-play scenario that I was into – what starts out as a friendly little poolside banter quickly became a hardcore lip-smacking blowjob with Mario guzzling down a hard cock like nobody’s business.

The movie ended with some reverse cowgirl action and a tight anal penetration. Once again I was using a Samsung Gear VR to watch, and here the 180 head tracking and binaural sound system really showed its true colors. Hearing the grunts and moans as Mario reached his climax and then an almost tender facial scene was enough to drive me over the edge. And there was virtually no cam shaking, which is another staple of both VirtualRealGay and their affiliated sites – a high production video quality. In part, the high demands of the virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR (with the head tracking and the sync capabilities) necessitates premium quality videos in order to actually function correctly, so I was pleased to find that every video on their website was held to this standard.

tough-blowjob-thumb2Added Bonus at VirtualRealGay

After previewing a number of videos, something else occurred to me that has been an issue with some other VR porn sites: and that’s the actual length of the video. The majority of straight VR media generally doesn’t exceed 15 minutes – however, a number of the videos on VirtualRealGay were sometimes in excess of 20 minutes, so you’re really getting a lot more bang for your buck when watching hot guys with your headset. Pun definitely intended. The poolside scene with Antonio and Mario for example was 20:55.

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I really liked seeing the recurrence of some familiar faces as well. Although I didn’t get to see the whole video, Andreas appears in a number of other sets, including a one-on-one POV where he again demonstrates his anal fixation – on your own cock, this time, riding you to an explosive climax. And this one was a longer video relatively speaking as well, at just over 18 minutes.

The Final Take on VirtualRealGay

While the extended videos are definitely a big appeal factor, VirtualRealGay has another thing going for it that definitely sets it apart – all of their videos are adaptable to the variety of Smartphone devices out there. I’ve only ever used Google Cardboard, but their media works with Stooksy VR-Spectiv, Dive, and the Dodocase as well as the Homido head-set. Again, a great bonus if you’re not able to afford something like the Oculus Rift.

hot-cam-thumb1The one thing I would have liked to see more of, of course, is variety. They only have two pages of videos, and while gay VR experience is probably more of a niche market, I would have liked to see a little bit more in terms of volume. That said, they update on their social media regularly so subscribing to their RSS means you’ll get all the latest news. Add this to the fact that they also offer easy payment through a variety of means, including Bitcoin (so if anonymity is your game, they’ve got you covered).

I would also have enjoyed seeing some actual video preview, since their videos are available only as download. This was troubling for two reasons – first, some sites have direct streaming of their videos, so you don’t have to worry about actually downloading, and second knowing exactly what sort of experience I was downloading before investing the time and computer memory would have made my selection a little more streamlined. They did have some pictures as a preview, but pictures can rarely do justice, especially to an interactive 3D experience like VR. Nevertheless, as far as VR porn sites go, VirtualRealGay definitely gets two thumbs up despite some of the smaller inconveniences.

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