Badoink VR Review

The-Housemaid.mp4_-_2015-11-06_13.40.03Most connoisseurs of the latest virtual reality technology are looking for several things in particular. When it comes to erotic content, it’s all about diversity and having a versatile array of different videos to choose from, which Badoink VR excels at. Everything from teen and lesbian performances to one-on-one encounters with exotic beauties aching for a hard cock inside of them – with a comprehensive library of experiences to choose from, the question becomes less about whether or not to invest and more about which sets are perfectly suited to your preferences.

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Whats the deal with Badoink VR?

For our money, we’re always checking out the latest updates, which includes the recent addition of a gamer-inspired fantasy featuring the Spanish bombshell Apolonia. Things start out slow while you’re playing video games on the couch, but the tables turn and the gameplay changes when Apolonia starts to flirt with you. An avid gamer, you try to ignore her, even as her ‘demands for attention’ start to become insistent – and from harmless flirting to full-on nudity, she demonstrates her wild side and takes out a butt-plug. The-Dominatrix.mp4_-_2015-11-06_13.35.59While she straddles you and you grope that tight little ass, she gets even more worked up, and it’s clear the butt-plug is just a preamble. The set, aptly titled “Teen Ass PWNED” is a spectacular anal fantasy, and the luscious Apolonia is a full on wild cat. Small tits, but an ass that is simply aching to be pounded.

Another popular video features a role play scenario with models Miyuki Son and Natty Mellow. As the owner of a new night club, it’s up to you to decide whether or not these lusty babes can pass their striptease audition. Natty will tempt you with her own performance, driving a pink dildo deep inside her as she moans for more. Where she leaves off, Miyuki picks up and tantalizes your cock with a busty display. Both girls are head to head in terms of competing for the job – and ultimately it will come down to who makes you come first!

The Technical Side Of Passion

After browsing through the extensive library available at Badoink VR’s site, it’s clear that they’ve managed to encompass most, if not all, of the most popular searches – there’s even some light BDSM and the occasional interracial scene, though admittedly it would have been nicer to see some more variety in terms of women. That said, they have made some efforts in their latest updates (as Apolonia proves) to extend their cultural grasp – and with a Spanish mouth craving a swollen dick inside her cheeks, she’s probably the best example.

As with the majority of other sites offeringAlone-With-Victoria-Summers.mp4_-_2015-11-06_12.51.31 interactive virtual reality downloads, Badoink VR is fully adaptable to all three platforms, including the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. The nice addition that Badoink VR offers with a subscription, however, was a free cardboard visor set with purchase – although admittedly Google Cardboard is the lowest tier in terms of quality, most of the videos on Badoink VR are within the 2 gigabyte range. You can really find some of the best VR Headset Sex in different categories at BadoinkVR.

Badoink VR devices

The better your platform, the better the experience. In comparison, the downloads for Oculus Rift are almost double that of the Smartphone downloads, however it’s important to keep in mind what you’re getting: with binaural sound that gives 360 degrees of crisp clear audio, you’ll hear her moaning from every angle, and the 180 head tracking app that comes included is handy for sets like “Birds of a Feather” that features three cock-hungry roommates who take turns fingering each other and riding you missionary style before offering a three way blow-job that decks all three of their young eager faces.

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Different Strokes For Different Folks

Dating-Amber.mp4_-_2015-11-06_12.55.52One thing that was definitely appealing about the videos offered at Badoink VR, and though keeping in the same level of quality as most other sites, was the actual video production itself. On top of the 360 camera option, the new capacity for 3D immersion as quite surprising – and more than a little titillating. The dangers inherent in VR technology include the tendency for lower quality videos to have more of a fish-eye feel when they try to encompass the standard 180 scope of vision. This can often make the picture feel artificial or distorted and for sure that is the least you want when watching some hot bukkake action.

Overcoming this difficult, both the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift attempt to give a more streamlined 3D approach, more in line with how the human eye actually works. This is more than evident in sets with multiple partners, or in sets that put the viewer in the position of a bystander. Watching a sweet blonde take it doggy-style in the ass while her exotic boyfriend demonstrates a slick fucking with his cock is just an example of how Badoink VR in conjunction with a standard virtual reality system can bring you right into the scene.

The Final Call for Badoink VR Porn

On the surface, Badoink VR is pretty standard in terms of immersive virtual reality pornography, keeping in mind that ‘standard’ in this case translates to a distinct and tempting archive with fuck buddies ranging from the nimble and naïve to the voluptuous and tempered sex goddess. Relaxing-Afternoon.mp4_-_2015-11-06_13.31.53One thing that did stand out, was the incorporation of some gender-swapping sets. While not for everyone, it was a unique addition that makes Badoink VR stand out (both as a fantasy for men wanting to know what it’s like to fuck another woman with a strap-on, for women with the same penchant for curiosity). Although less creative with its title, “Lez Strap-On VR” definitely takes advantage of virtual reality to bring a totally novel experience to the screne. BadoinkVR is definitely missing Tranny and Shemale scenes so far – but you can find great Tranny VR Porn this website.

BadoinkVR Review Conclusion

In general, it’s hard to fault Badoink VR for all but two things: first, it would nice to have some method of previewing the sets before actually downloading, since most of the videos are high capacity anyway. Although they do offer some pictures as preview, having even a two minute ‘trailer’ could go a long way to making it a bit more marketable. The other finicky aspect of Badoink VR is the limited time for their movies, most of them being less than 15 minutes, which is slightly less than some other competing sites. That said, with the sort of attractive women they’ve found – and all of them could easily pass as Victoria Secret Models – maybe 15 minutes is plenty.

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